Technology at the service of the Italian craftsman, excellence available to the citizens of the world.

Italia dei Sogni was born in 2015 with the idea of joining the terms of sale of a Marketplace with a real dedicated e-commerce, taking the advantages and the benefits from both.

The project developed soon with enthusiasm among the interested parties, creating sustainable and collaborative partnerships with many masters of the Italian craftsmanship, achieving the prefixed target to commercialize innovative collections and very exclusive products in the world that hardly would appear on-line.

The novelty of what we have realized depends on the fact that we didn’t limit ourselves to a simple partnership, creating a virtual showcase, but we felt the need to integrate, in it, the added value of the control about origin and quality of each single item, in order to protect our most important goods: our customers.

In order to get all this and guarantee a quality standard of absolute excellence, we decided, since the first partnership, to make targeted production controls performing preventive inspections and of maintenance in each artisan working place with whom we collaborate.

Before every contractual agreement and during the subsequent stages, we check up the absolute originality of the “Made in Italy” production and the accuracy of realization of every single item. Our staff personally makes the careful selection of the best products directly on the place of realization, evaluating them according their exclusive design, the excellence of the materials and of mastery in realizing it.

All that to give you the absolute warranty that you are buying a product of exceptional value and workmanship, made by the hands, heart and mind of an Italian craftsman master.

Italia dei Sogni: 100% made in Italy – 100% controlled origin

Italia dei sogni staff