ITALIADEISOGNI.IT ships in Italy, Europe and in the world through express courier to the delivery address specified in the order.

Delivery Time

When the order is shipped, the clients will receive an email from ITALIA DEI SOGNI with the Tracking Number and a link for monitoring the shipping status which will be available after few hours of the taking in charge of the order from the branch. We advise you to visualize the tracking only the day after. In case of delays due to customs offices, the customers will be contacted directly by the courier or by ITALIA DEI SOGNI.

ITALIA DEI SOGNI is not responsible for any delay due to customs operations and controls, or to reasons of force majeure, beyond the control of ITALIA DEI SOGNI.

Order Delivery

At the moment of the goods delivery from the courier, it is duty of the Client to check: that the number of packages delivered is equal to what is indicated on the shipping document, anticipated via email; that the package results intact, not damaged, wet or altered in any way, even in the materials used for the packaging (adhesive tape or similar). In case of damages to the packaging and/or to the product or the missing of the exact number of packages must be immediately contested putting the words “RESERVATION of CONTROL” and describing the type of damage found (open pack, pack with hole, wet pack, crushed box, dented box, cut/torn adhesive tape, box or film reconditioned with scotch etc…) on the delivery paper copy or on the Pod or on the courier’s electronic terminal (WHERE YOU HAVE TO SIGN) and immediately report the fact contacting ITALIA DEI SOGNI at the address:

If the driver refuses to let you report the event, RETURN to sender and IMMEDIATELY COMMUNICATE IT TO US writing to the address:

Once the courier document has been signed, the Client can not oppose any objections about the exterior characteristics of what has been delivered.

All the Clients who purchase an order establish a commercial relationship with ITALIADEISOGNI and therefore undertake to accept the delivery of their own package. If the package will not be delivered for causes dependent on the Client (wrong address, addressee always missing, wrong telephone number etc...), or if the Client refuses the delivery, the shipping costs and eventual customs charges will be deduced from the refund due to the Client. If at the moment of the delivery, the order owner will not be present at the indicated address, the courier will leave a message through which it will be possible to agree with him about the package delivery modality.

Shipping Insurance

ITALIADEISOGNI.IT shipments are freely insured against theft and accidental damages. Once the shipment arrives to its destination, the insurance loses its validity.